November 27, 2023 to December 1, 2023
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Meriem Behiri (SISSA)


The Serendipitous H-ATLAS fields Observations of Radio Extragalactic Sources (SHORES, PI: Marcella Massardi) is a brand new survey 2.1 GHz performed with the Australia Telescope Compact Array.
It is composed of 30 discontinuous fields covering a total area of 15 sq. deg,. in the Herschel-ATLAS Southern Galactic Pole region (see Eales+2010), centred in candidate lensed galaxies (Negrello+14).
With more than 200 hours of observing time, we reached ∼ 30μJy sensitivities.

These fields have the perks of being covered by Herschel observations (H-ATLAS sgp) and many other surveys (KIDS, SDSS, GAMA...). With SHORES we aim at:
characterizing the galactic populations in the radio bands up to high redshift
reconstructing the radio luminosity function
understanding the polarization of a wide range of galaxies populations. This survey's wide and panchromatic coverage makes it a perfect target for cosmological studies, both from a structure formation and a foreground point of view, and a perfect playground for the upcoming SKAO observations and testing the latest ML techniques, which will help reach our goals and beyond.

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